Storage Lockers

Storage Box Features

  • Keyless Entry

    Patented, hassle-free features that make operation a breeze.

  • UV Resistant

    Powder-coated finishes that won’t fade or peel.

  • Grizzly Resistant

    Tested & certified by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee.

  • Made in America

    Manufactured in the USA using the highest quality materials possible.

Food Locker Series

Our Bear-Proof food Storage Lockers are rugged, high quality metal enclosures designed for safe and convenient food storage in campgrounds, picnic areas and trailheads. ADA compliant, can be mounted on dirt, or any hard surface. Bolt together design lets you add capacity at any time with just 4 bolts. 3 sizes to choose from, powder coated finish and stainless steel hinges for extended life.


RCE 140

The smallest of our food storage is the RCE 140, 15 cubic feet, ADA compliant. This unit will hold food for two people for the weekend.

28 x 22.7 x 42.4 (D x L x H); 30 gal.

RCE 240

Our mid-range food storage, 20 cubic feet, lockable and ADA compliant. This units’ capacity is for a family of four for the 3 days.

28 x 34 x 42.4 (D x L x H); 60 gal.


RCE 340

Our largest food storage unit. Holds 30 cubic feet af food, ADA compliant, lockable. This size will work good for a family of four 7 days.

28 x 48 x 42.4 (D x L x H); 90 gal.

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